Rules and information

How to win a golden ticket to Tokyo..

Just like on the tatami, you’ll have to play by the rules to win!

Throw to Tokyo' is a one-of-a-kind IJF competition and its a money can’t buy prize so it cannot be exchanged or awarded in a cash payment.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and we wish you all the best of luck!


The prize is for 5 winning videos (1 per category), for which we will award two economy flight tickets, accommodation and competition tickets for the World Championships.

One winning video will be selected per category, with the prize being awarded for two people for each video.


Respect the rules and you could be jetting off to Tokyo this summer! Here’s our friendly guidelines for your video entries:

  • Maximum duration of video is 30 seconds
  • Vertical or Horizontal (16:9 or 9:16)
  • Can use filters and graphics
  • Action must be in the spirit of Judo
  • Uke must be in White Judogi - Jacket, Pants, Belt
  • Location must be G Rated
  • No Profanity
  • No Violence
  • Participants must Bow

Anyone who tries to submit a video which breaks the above rules will receive a direct hansoku-make (disqualification)!


You can submit an entry in any or all of the categories! You will have 5x the chance to win if you enter every category!

Bonus Prize - Winner Selected At Random!

We will also select one lucky winner at random! This person will receive two economy flights tickets, competition tickets and accomodation. There is no criteria for this winner.

The recipient will be selected at random. By entering one category you enter yourself for the random bonus draw. This could be YOU!


The public will vote on the website and the video with the most likes in each category will win. For the Technique video, Kodokan will review and select the winner.

The IJF will announce the winners on the IJF website and they will be notified by email.




May 1 - May 30

Users and Upload Videos

May 30 - June 5

Internal Check Videos

June 5 - June 20

Voting Open

June 21

Winners Declared

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Rules and info